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Watermain Flushing



For Immediate Release

Contact:    Randy Krauel

                  City of Carroll, Director of Public Works

                  (712) 792-1000

Carroll, Iowa — The City of Carroll is planning to begin a comprehensive program of watermain flushing at approximately 7:00 A.M., Monday, April 1, 2024.  The watermain flushing is anticipated to continue through completion.  The watermain flushing will be performed between the hours of 7:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.  Anticipated completion of watermain flushing is mid-May.

Watermain flushing involves opening each of the approximately 500 fire hydrants within the City to create a high rate of water flow in the watermains.  The high rate of flow will help to mechanically clean the watermains of iron or rust deposits.  The fire hydrants will be opened at the rate of approximately 25 per day.  On days following flushing, isolated fire hydrants will be flowed to remove rusty water remaining in the watermains.

The anticipated schedule for flushing fire hydrants is as follows:

                                General Area                                                Approx. Street Boundaries            

1April 1stNorth Central18th Street12th StreetGrant RoadAdams Street
2 Central12th Street7th StreetGrant RoadCarroll Street
3 North Central18th Street13th StreetAdams StreetQuint Avenue
4 North CentralRandall Road18th StreetGrant RoadWest Street
5 North East29th Street22nd StreetSkyline DriveGrant Road
6 North Central30th StreetRandall RoadGrant RoadWest Street
7 West Central7th Street4th StreetClark StreetPutnam Avenue
8 West Central18th Street7th StreetCarroll StreetU.S. Hwy. 71
9 South Central7th StreetBluff StreetGrant RoadMain Street
10 West Central4th StreetBluff StreetMain StreetU.S. Hwy. 71
11 WestU.S. Hwy. 303rd StreetU.S. Hwy. 71Kittyhawk Avenue
12 North West21st Street18th StreetWest Street20th Street cul-de-sac
13 North East18th StreetMockingbird DrivePrimrose DriveGrant Road
14 East CentralMockingbird DriveWoodland DriveHigh Ridge RoadGrant Road
15 East CentralMockingbird DriveWoodland DriveNorthridge DriveHigh Ridge Road
16 East CentralWoodland DriveU.S. Hwy. 30Griffith RoadGrant Road
17 South EastU.S. Hwy. 30E. Anthony StreetGriffith RoadS. Clark Street
18 South WestBluff StreetPleasant Ridge RoadClark StreetU.S. Hwy. 71
19 South EastE. Anthony StreetPleasant Ridge RoadGrant RoadField Crest Drive
20 SouthPleasant Ridge Rd.City LimitsGrant RoadDeer Creek Lane

Although flowing will be limited to fire hydrants in the above areas, rusty water could occur anywhere in the water system during the flushing program.

Prior to the start-up of the City’s Water Treatment Plant, on January 3, 1996, higher concentrations of iron within the well source water was pumped for use in the City system.  Through a period of up to 100 years some of the iron in the water oxidized and precipitated out of the water onto the interior walls of the watermain pipe system.  The Water Treatment Plant now removes iron from the well water prior to pumping it to the system for use.  The iron oxide or rust remaining on the water piping system interior walls occasionally breaks off of the walls and becomes suspended in the water resulting in rusty water.  This flushing program is an effort to induce the breaking off of rust and remove it from the watermain pipe prior to reaching consumer’s taps.

Under the most successful circumstances residents should experience rust-free water.  There is the possibility that some rusty water will remain in the water system following flushing.  If that occurs and any resident experiences rusty water, we urge them to contact the Water Division at 792-1000 so that Division personnel can address and attempt to correct the rusty water occurrence.