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History Of Mayors

Mark E. Beardmore – Mayor

For nearly 40 years, Mark has called Carroll “home”. He and his wife Pam raised two daughters here. Dr Megan Beardmore is currently practicing school/pediatric behavioral psychology in Los Angeles, CA, and Emily resides with them while working two jobs at St. Anthony Regional Hospital and HyVee.

Mark spent most of his life owning and managing car dealerships with his family’s direct lineage spanning over 100 years in the automobile business. A past and present member of many civic organizations, he served two terms as a Carroll County Supervisor from 2009-2016.

His hobbies and interests include general aviation, collectible cars, personal fitness, and has a deep unwavering faith in God.

Mark believes that serving as Carroll’s Mayor is among his most cherished blessings. You’ll find him approachable and accessible as Carroll’s Chief Ambassador.

Contact Information:
2625 Forest Street
[email protected]
Term: Jan 1, 2022–Dec 31, 2023

Mayors of the City of Carroll

I. N. Griffith   1869-1870
J. F. Tuttle   1871
J. C. Kelly   1872
J. F. Tuttle  1873
D. Wayne   1874
E. H. Brooks   1875-1876
J. F. Tuttle   1877
Wm. Gilley   1878-1880
J. W. Scott   1881
Thos. F. Barbee   1882-1885
E. M. Parsons   1886-1887
F. M. Powers   1888-1889
M. W. Beach   1890-1891
E. M. Parsons   1892-1897
W. A. McLagan   1898-1901
E. M. Parsons   1902-1905
S. H. Johnston   1906-1913
A. Kessler   1914-1915
Wm. Winnike   1916-1917
W. T. Ross   1918-1919
S. H. Johnston   1920-1923
J. E. Haltigan   1924-1928
S. H. Johnston   1929-1933
A. N. Neu   1934-1960
Wm. S. Farner   1960-1975
R. H. Schechtman   1976-1979
Darwin Bunger   1980-1982
Arthur A. Neu   1982-1985
H. J. Kienapfel   1986-1993
Thomas B. Gronstal   1994-1999
Edward H. Smith, Jr.   2000-2005
Robert Q. Christensen   2006-2007
Jim Pedelty   2008-2011
Adam Schweers   2012-2015
Dr. Eric Jensen  2016-2021
Mark E. Beardmore 2022-2023
Gerald H. Fleshner 2024-