Rental Housing Code

The City of Carroll is considering adopting a rental housing ordinance to license and regulate all residential rental properties in the City

The City of Carroll has been researching options pertaining to the licensing and regulation of all rental properties in the City.  The proposed rental property ordinance would regulate any rentals over 30 days and include both multi-family rental buildings and any single-family homes. This type of ordinance is becoming more popular in communities with aging rental housing stock to ensure that the rental buildings, sites, and units are well managed and properly maintained to avoid blight and to ensure decent, safe, and sanitary living units.

City staff regularly receive complaints from renters and their neighbors pertaining to health and safety issues in rental buildings including multi-family buildings and single-family homes. Currently the Carroll City Code does not have any regulations for rental properties in the city which limits staff's ability to resolve issues affecting a large population of the City. This ordinance is drafted to allow reasonable standards for landlords to manage their properties while protecting renters and also considering the health, safety, and welfare of the entire community.

City staff are available to answer questions on the proposed rental housing ordinance.  Individuals may contact the Carroll Building Department at 712-792-1000 to schedule a time to discuss the ordinance with staff at a time convent for you. 

Draft Rental Housing Code – March 13, 2020

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