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Carroll Area Access Television

The Carroll Area Access Television (CAAT) Board was established in August of 2005.  Those serving on this Board shall do so as volunteers.  Their stated purpose will be to supervise the operation of this channel so that the channel will accomplish the purpose of serving the public, and furthering the public, educational and governmental uses of this local access channel within the intent of the 1992 Cable Act.  The charge of the Board shall be to supervise the operation of the local access channel created by the 2005 Franchise Agreement between the City of Carroll and Mediacom including, but not limited to, programming content, fees, personnel to operate the channel, and any other general tasks necessary to see that the channel serves the public interests.  The Board shall consist of 5 to 9 members nominated by the City Manager with Council approval. One representative from each of the 2 Carroll School systems, 3 community representatives, all with indefinite terms.

Katie Lawler
Carroll Chamber of Commerce

Pastor Brian Licht
St. Paul Lutheran Church

Deb Gute
Kuemper Catholic High School

Mary Trent
Kuemper Catholic High School

Craig Rowedder
Carroll High School Technical Information Director

Jim Van Dyke

Jason Lambertz

Mike Pogge-Weaver
City Manager (ex-officio)

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