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Other Book Club Links

Are you interested in starting a club? Is your club looking for a book to discuss? Maybe you need questions to add spark to your discussion? These links might help.

Multiple copies in the Carroll Public Library
These books may be borrowed from libraries in Iowa. Please speak with librarian, Donna Evans, to make arrangements with those libraries.

These books are available from the CPL collection. No charge for their use.
View PDF

SILO catalog
Online Interlibrary Loan catalog from libraries in Iowa. Please speak with librarian, Donna Evans, to order books through SILO.
A $3 fee will be charged if the book can’t be borrowed from an Iowa public library (ex: universities and libraries out of state).

All Iowa Reads
The State Library of Iowa sponsors this event which was started in 2003. This program seeks to sponsor unity through reading. Iowans are encouraged to come together to read and talk about a single book each year.

Reading Group Guides
Ideas for starting a club, running a group and choosing what to read. Lots of discussion guides.

What’s Next: Books in Series
If you have an author or book you enjoyed, this site will tell what other books are in a series or by the author.

Between the Lines Group Guides
Great source for reading group guides. If you need to lead a discussion this might be a great place to look.

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