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Library Foundation

The purposes for which the Carroll Public Library Foundation is formed are as set out in its Articles of Incorporation, and more specifically to promote the welfare of the citizens of Carroll, Iowa by raising funds for the benefit of the Carroll Public Library of Carroll, Iowa, to promote reading, literacy, accessibility to information and life-long learning; to improve the library facility; to acquire systems, equipment, furniture, fixtures or other long-term goods to facilitate use of the library and its collection.

Foundation Members

  • Cecelia Comito, President
  • Doug Burns, Vice President
  • Frank Comito, Treasurer
  • Julie Perkins
  • David Martin
  • Wendy Johnson, Library Director

Where to send donations for the Foundation?

Donations can be mailed to the library’s mailing address of:

  • Carroll Public Library Foundation
    118 E. 5th St
    Carroll, Iowa 51401

Questions about donating? Please contact Wendy Johnson, Library Director, at 712-792-3432 or by email at [email protected]

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