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The Public Works Department, Street Division is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all street transportation-related facilities within the City.  These include roadway maintenance, snow removal and ice control, traffic services, street cleaning, storm sewers and trees.

Roadway maintenance includes the repair and maintenance of City streets.  The roadway structures include Portland cement concrete, hot mixed asphalt, composite pavement and granular surfaced roadways.  Maintenance includes full-depth, partial-depth and surface patching and crack and joint sealing.

Snow removal and ice control is an emergency service performed as weather conditions require.  The level of service provided is adopted by Resolution of the City Council and includes concentration of primary effort on a network of first and second priority streets linking essential services and providing an open roadway within approximately three blocks of any address location within the City.  Following the priority streets, all other streets, parking lots and alleys are cleared.

Traffic services includes the construction, repair and maintenance of all traffic signing.  It also includes the maintenance and repair of traffic signals.

The Street Division is staffed by a Street Superintendent, Equipment Mechanic and six Municipal Service Workers.

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