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Police Services

The Carroll Police Department offers fingerprinting for job applicants, and the fee is $10.  No appointment is necessary; however, this service is only offered during business hours, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays.

Salvage-titled Vehicle Inspection

The Carroll Police Department is one of only a few police departments in western Iowa that is DOT-certified to inspect salvage-titled vehicles.  The fee is $50.

After the customer obtains the appropriate salvage title they need per Iowa law, have all their receipts gathered, and the vehicle is repaired to fix all defects (except body markings, trim, paint and airbag replacement per Iowa Code and Administrative rule), the customer will need to go to the following link to complete the necessary information and to make credit or debit card payment:


Customers need to bring all of the receipts for all parts utilized to repair the Salvage Vehicle to the examination for the officer to view, a completed permit to drive the vehicle for examination to your inspection location, which is provided during the electronic application, and their Salvage Title as proof of ownership. 

Bicycle Registration
Bicycle registration is not required by the city of Carroll; however, it is recommended.  The bicycle registration fee is $1 and expires one year from registration date.   Each year officers recover bicycles, whether reported stolen or found on a property for unknown reasons. 

Vacation/Security Checks
As part of our regular patrol, we offer residential security checks.  Any resident that will be out of town for a period of time can notify the police department and complete a form.  Officers will routinely check the perimeter of your home for anything suspicious.  Please notify the police department when you return home.

Speed Trailer
The police department receives complaints of drivers traveling at high rates of speed that are not consistent with the posted speed limit in different areas of town.  The city of Carroll has a speed trailer, which is used to regulate speeds and remind drivers of the posted speed limit.  The police department has the ability to move the trailer to different parts of town.  If you feel that your area or neighborhood is in need of speed regulation, please contact us.

Police Department Tours
As part of community policing efforts, as well as an educational tool, we offer guided tours of the police department upon request.  We have done many tours for different organizations in our community such as boy scouts, girl scouts, 4-H, and school field trips.  If your organization would like a tour, please contact us.

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