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Easy-Pay Auto Draft Bill Pay

Easy Pay Form

The convenient, easy way to pay your monthly utility bill!

What is Easy Pay?

With  Easy Pay,  payment  of  your  monthly utility bill  is  automatically  deducted from your bank account on the 15th of each month.  Notice of the amount to be deducted will be sent by the 1st of the month.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Convenient and Easy
  • Time Saving
  • Accurate and Reliable
  • No risk of penalty for late payment

How Does It Work?

You will continue to receive your monthly bill as in the past. It will say: *PAID BY DRAFT*. This amount will be deducted on the fifteenth of each month.

How Do I Sign Up?

Mail or bring this form to the Carroll Utility Department at 627 N Adams St. or Call 792-1000. Please include a voided check from your financial institution.

Want to receive your monthly utility bill via email? Sign up here.

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