Contact City Manager

The City Manager is available Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm at City Hall or by calling 712-792-1000.  You can also e-mail the City Manager at

The City Manager is Chief Administrative Officer for the City in the enforcement and execution of City ordinances; administrative direction and coordination of finance, public works, parks and recreation, police, fire, building inspection, zoning and other designated city departments; preparation of budget and accounting/financial controls; assist the Council by making investigations and reports relating to staff and facility improvements, expenditures, planning and developmental tasks.

The City Manager attends all Council meetings and makes recommendations as deemed necessary for the effective management of government and welfare of Carroll’s citizens. The City Manager is responsible for the implementation of all Council actions.

Mike Pogge-Weaver started with the City in 2016 and has been serving municipalities for over 18 years.

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