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Incident to Police Department

For all non-emergency police issues, please contact the Police Department at 712-792-3536.  For all emergencies please call 911.

The Carroll Police Department consists of one civilian Administrative Assistant and fifteen sworn officers: the Chief of Police, one Captain, three Sergeants and ten patrol officers.  All sworn personnel are trained and certified through the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy.  Additional training is received through attendance at specialized schools, seminars and in-service training.

There are a minimum of two officers on duty, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  During peak activity hours there are as many as six officers on duty at a time.  Duty shifts consist of 8 and 10 hour overlapping shifts which provide maximum coverage and schedule flexibility.

The Carroll Police Department provides various crime prevention programs including salvage vehicle theft inspections, business and residential security assessments, vacation security checks, bicycle licensing, and D.A.R.E.

Due to the nature of the job, police officers must often perform tasks or duties which may be perceived as negative or unpopular.  Our officers perform these duties fairly, impartially, honestly, and with a positive attitude.  This approach has been rewarded by consistently having one of the lowest overall crime rates in the State as well as being one of the cleanest cities.  The efforts of our officers are complemented by the assistance of the citizens of Carroll, who are very cooperative and proud of the clean and safe environment which they have come to expect and enjoy.

Carroll Police Department Traffic Enforcement Request Form