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Carroll Foundation

The Carroll Foundation was established in June of 2007 and is made up of a Board of Directors, three of which are appointed by the Mayor, two are appointed by the City Council and one person is appointed by the Board of Directors of the Carroll Chamber of Commerce.  The Foundation is to promote the welfare of the citizens of Carroll, Iowa by raising funds for civic projects in Carroll, Iowa, to promote recreation, environment, health and human services, and support high-impact community opportunities as referenced by Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. 

Board of Directors

Patricia Roberts
Term Expires: 12/31/18

Nick Badding
Term Expires 12/31/17

Richard Hunsaker
Term Expires 12/31/17

Tam Milligan
Term Expires: 12/31/16

Pat Hartly
Term Expires: 12/31/16

Shannon Landauer
Chamber of Commerce Appointee

Jack Wardell
Park and Recreation Director

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