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John Snyder
City Cemetery
700 East 1st Street
Carroll, IA  51401

Phone: (712) 792-1564
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday 7AM - 4PM


Burial Arrangements

To make arrangements for interment, please call the Cemetery Sexton at 712-792-1564.

* Payment for interments must be made prior to the service or at the time of interment.


Lot Fees - Resolution No. 1158

Babyland: $325.00

Flush monument: $200.00

Upright:  $500.00

Burial spaces designated as “flush monument only” spaces located in the area known as Blocks D, E, and F of the three acre addition.

Spaces used for infants are located in the area known as Babyland.

On each space, one-half (½) of the sale price shall be allocated to the Perpetual Care Fund and one-half (½) to the General Fund.

A $5.00 audit fee will be charged for each deed issued.


Grave Opening and Closing Costs

                                    Monday-Friday                          Weekends/Holidays/After Hours

Adult:                             $450.00                                     $650.00

Child (0-5 years old)     $225.00                                     $350.00



$225.00 Monday-Friday

$350.00 for Saturday, Sunday, and holidays, and any time outside of regular cemetery operating hours



            Monday-Friday               Weekends/Holidays/After Hours        

               $600.00                          $800.00

Disinterments will only be performed during regular cemetery operating hours Monday-Friday


Story of Carroll Cemetery

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Note: The author grew up in Carroll and graduated from Carroll High School in 1955.